Lordís Day 33 Themes and Divisions


C. Bouwman


The regenerated child of God must repent of his every sin


1.      Repentance requires sorrow for specific sins

2.      Repentance requires battle against all sins


Repentance from sin is imperative for salvation


††††† 1. Repentance involves new attitudes and actions

††††† 2. Repentance touches the emotions of the heart


W. Bredenhof


True repentance is a dying and a coming to life


These two elements continually express themselves in:


1.      Grief and joy

2.      Hating and loving

3.      Fleeing and living


C. Stam


The confession that true conversion leads to new life in Christ


This means:


1.      Godly grief over sin

2.      Godly joy in righteousness


B. Holwerda


Daily repentance from evil works to good works


This is daily repentance:


1.      From unbelief to belief

2.      From self-will to obedience

3.      From self-interest to Godís glory


T. Van Raalte


Our delight in Jesus Christ needs to come to expression by true repentance


1.      Our godly sorrow for sins expresses delight in Christ

2.      Our heartfelt joy for holiness expresses delight in Christ


R. H. Bremmer


The true conversion of the Christian


1.      The surprising approach

2.      The radical demand

3.      The glorious fruit


K. Wieske


God calls us to a life of true conversion


True conversion involves:


1.      The death of the old man

2.      The birth of the new man


W. Huizinga


You must truly be changed


1.      Conversion Ė Godís powerful act

2.      Conversion Ė an ongoing struggle


K. Dijk


Thankfulness and repentance


1.      Thankfulness in repentance

2.      Repentance in thankfulness


Repentance demands our good works


1.      Out of faith

2.      According to Godís law

3.      To his glory


Repentance is the new obedience of the covenant


1.      In the death of the old nature

2.      In godly conduct